Thanbeeh Nagar, Koppa

Thanbeehul Islam Central School began functioning as a full-fledged school from the year 2006-07, following CBSE CURRICULUM of education, and is situated in a raised hilly tract with scenic beauty in all hues. It started its full-fledged activities with a mere 100 students. Over the years, it has successfully embarked upon its meritorious profile by conducting various co-scholastic activities touching various co-scholastic areas since its inception itself, besides scholastic activities. Thanbeehul Islam Central School is the only school in the locality, which has the credit of having these areas touched and successfully implemented in the curriculum in an exceptionally unique manner.

The school imparts teaching learning processes exactly following the latest scheme of CONTINUOUS AND COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION, revised by the Central Board of Secondary Education. This is being done systematically over the years, and has well been accepted and welcomed by both the entire gamut of students and parents as well. The related areas are activated to the extent that the overall personality of the students is raised to the expected level as per the CBSE scheme. It is hoped that it will further improve and enhance the various skills of the aspirants in the years to come.

The school is envisioned to be molded and raised as a Role Model Senior Secondary School, excelling any of the close-by schools in terms of Campus discipline and Academic Growth. It aims at 100 per cent Results with highest rate of score percentage as well. The students, who leave the school campus after completion of their studies/courses, are a train of full-fledged personalities, the pearls of the society, rather than the mere out-going.

Presently, there are 29 teaching staff members on the roll of Faculty members. There are 17 members of non-teaching staff too. In the years to come, it has to be improved, taking in to account of the inflow of much more aspirants among the needy to be educated at this institution of repute. As for the infrastructure, the school has a well constructed three storied building with spacious classrooms and toilet facilities, which is certainly incomparable and echo-friendly. So far as the technology oriented set up are concerned, the class rooms are made 'smarter' with a well-set and full-fledged computer lab and science labs.

There are 600 students on roll presently. The growth of the school in that respect is much rapid compared to the schools near-by. The strength of the school is its retinue of parents with parents-teachers' association, and train of its well-obedient, well-respectful and studious pupils.

And as of our Teaching staff, they are caring, lovable and friendly to every student. They understand their disciples, and counsel them as well, apart from imparting teaching learning processes in the 'child-centered manner' against the teacher centered trait of the past.